The Official Statement of the Japanese Government, August 1, 1940



The world stands at a great historic turning point, and it is about to witness the creation of new forms of government, economy, and culture, based upon the growth and development of sundry groups of states. Japan, too, is confronted by a great trial such as she has never experienced in history. In order to carry out fully at this juncture our national policy in accordance with the lofty spirit in which the country was founded, it is an important task of urgent necessity to us that we should grasp the inevitable trends in the developments of world history, effect speedily fundamental renovations along all lines of government, and strive for the perfection of a state structure for national defense. Accordingly, the general lines of the country's fundamental national policies have been' formulated as follows:

Summary of Fundamental National Policies

1. Basic Policy


The basic aim of Japan's national policy lies in the firm establish­ment of world peace in accordance with the lofty spirit of Hakko Ichiu, in which the country was founded, and in the construction, as the first step, of a new order in Greater East Asia, having for its foundation the solidarity of Japan, Manchoukou and China. 

Japan will, therefore, devote the total strength of the nation to the fulfillment of the above policy by setting up swiftly an unshakable national structure of her own adapted to meet the requirements of new developments both at home and abroad.


2. National Defense and Foreign Policy


The Government will strive for the repletion of armaments adequate for the execution of the national policies, by taking into consideration the new developments both at home and abroad, and constructing a state structure for national defense, capable of bringing into full play the total strength of the nation. 

Japan's foreign policy, which aims ultimately at the construction of a new order in Greater East Asia, will be directed, first: of all, toward a complete settlement of the China Affair, and the advancement of the national fortune by taking a far-sighted view of the drastic changes in the international situation and formulating both constructive and flexible measures. 

What is urgently required in internal administration is the laying of the foundation for a state structure for national defense through a complete renovation of the domestic administration in general, for which purpose the Government expects the realization of the following points:

A. Renovation of education thoroughly in harmony with the fun­damental principles of the national polity, and also the establishment of ethical principles of the nation stressing, above all, service to the state and eradicating all selfish and materialistic thoughts.


B. Establishment of a powerful new political structure and a unified control of government affairs.


a. Establishment of a new national structure, of which the keynote lies in the service to the state through the co-operation between gov­ernment and people, every man according to his sphere of profession or business.

b. Renovation of the Diet as an organ for assisting the Throne, so as to adapt it to the new national structure.

c Fundamental renovation in the operation of administrative organs, and the reformation of the bureaucracy, aimed at the unity and efficiency of those organs.


C. Laying the foundation of national defense economy, of which the keynote is to lie in the autonomous development of the economy of Japan, Manchoukuo and China with Japan as the center.


a.Establishment of a sphere of co-operative economies, with the Japan-Manchoukuo-China group as one of the units.

b. Inauguration of a planned economy through the co-operation between government and people, and especially the perfection of a unitary control system covering the production, distribution and con­sumption of important commodities.

c. Establishment of a financial scheme and reinforcement of bank­ing control, directed toward the development of the nation's total economic power.

d. Renovation of the foreign trade policy so as to adapt it to the new world situation.

e. Establishment of the measures for self-sufficiency in the people's daily necessities especially in the principal foodstuffs.

f. An epoch-making expansion of the vital industries-especially heavy, chemical and machine industries.

g. An epoch-making promotion of science, and rationalization of production.

h. Perfection and extension of the communication and transporta­tion facilities so as to adapt them to the new developments at home and abroad.

i. Establishment of land development plans. aiming at the enhancement of the total national strength.

j. Inauguration of permanent measures concerning the promotion of the stamina and physical strength of the nation, and especially the fundamental measures concerning the security and development of agriculture and agricultural communities.

k. Rectification of the inequality in individual sacrifices incident to the execution of national policies; full operation of various welfare measures, and renovation of the living mode of the nation, and the maintenance of such standard of living as will enable the nation to lead a plain, solid and vigorous life and to surmount the national crisis by persevering truly through years of hardship.