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A key part of our mission is to publish documentary material from many points of view.  There are over 4000 links on our web site to material all around the world.  Some of these points of view, such as communism and fascism, are highly controversial but are also important parts of  the modern human experience.  The same can be said of some of the other web sites to which we link. 

Our publication of documentary material, reading lists and web site links from many points of view should not under any circumstances be seen as an endorsement of this material or sites, unless we specifically state our support.

As the content of our web site demonstrates, the World Future Fund is totally opposed to ideas such as racism, religious intolerance and communism.  However, in order to fight such evils, we need to understand them.  We cannot understand them without the study of documentary material.  Indeed, we have a very specific program, the Global Education Project, which is designed to fight racism, religious bigotry and other evils by linking people directly with quality documentary material so they can understand other faiths and avoid being deceived by rumor and slander.

We believe in the good sense of our readers.  It is our belief that it is better to link to too many sites, including some that may be very reprehensible, rather than making the mistake of failing to list sites that might be of value.  Some web sites that have reprehensible views often have documentary historical material that cannot be found anywhere else.

We do not have the resources to serve as a ratings service for the thousands of sites that we link to on our web site.  We do review certain sites we think are of value.  However, it is you, the reader, who is given the power to think for yourself.  That is what democracy is supposed to be all about.


The materials on the World Future Fund web site are presented for use worldwide.  This site is operated by the World Future Fund from its offices in the state of Virginia, United States of America.  We follow the laws of the U.S.A. and the state of Virginia in a very careful manner.  However, accessing some of the materials on our site may violate the laws of other countries than the United States, such as those that have censorship policies relating to the internet.   The World Future Fund does not have the resources to research all legal aspects of all press and internet censorship around the world.   Furthermore, we are not under the rule of foreign governments.  We, therefore, assume no responsibility whatsoever for the actions of people who might or might not be violating censorship laws in their nations by reading material or using links on our web site.   Those who choose to access our site do so at their own initiative.  They alone are responsible for complying (or not complying) with laws in their nations.