A Guide to the Annual Nazi Party Congress ("Parteitag") in Nuremberg, 1937

Monday, September 6: Day of Greeting

Reception for Hitler at Nuremberg City Hall.

Reception for the press.

Tuesday, September 7: Day of the Opening of the Congress

Review of the Hitler Youth by Hitler.

Official opening of the Party Congress and reading of Hitler's proclamation by Adolf Wagner.  Speakers: Rudolf Hess; Julius Streicher; Adolf Wagner.

Cultural meeting.  Speakers: Alfred Rosenberg; Adolf Hitler.

Wednesday, September 8: Day of the Reich Labor Service

Review of the Reich Labor Service.  Speakers: Konstantin Hierl; Adolf Hitler.

Continuation of the Party Congress.  Speakers: Alfred Rosenberg; Erich Hilgenfeldt; Adolf Wagner.

Thursday, September 9: Day of Fellowship

Laying of the cornerstone of the new German Stadium.  Speaker: Viktor Lutze.

Continuation of the Party Congress.  Speakers: Joseph Goebbels; Hans Frank; Dr. Otto Dietrch.

Torchlight parade of NSDAP political leaders.

Friday, September 10: Day of the Political Leaders

Consecration of police unit flags.  Speakers: Walter Darré; Max Amann; Fritz Todt.

Police parade through Nuremberg.

Continuation of the Party Congress.  Speakers: Walter Darré; Max Amann; Fritz Todt.

Meeting of the National Socialist Women's Association.  Speakers: Gertrude Scholtz-Klink; Adolf Hitler.

Night review of the political leaders.  Speakers: Robert Ley; Adolf Hitler.

Saturday, September 11: Day of the Reich Labor Service and Hitler Youth

Review of the Labor Front organizations.

Consecration of the NSFK flags.

Review of the Hitler Youth.  Speakers: Baldur von Schirach; Adolf Hitler.

Induction by Rudolf Hess of qualified adolescents into the Nazi Party.

Meeting of the Reich Labor Front.  Speakers: Robert Ley; Hermann Goering; Adolf Hitler.

Conclusion of the athletic games.

Continuation of the Party Congress.  Speakers: Robert Ley; Fritz Reinhardt; Konstantin Hierl.

Sunday, September 12

Mass meeting at the Luitpold Arena and memorial ceremony for casualties of the World War.  Speakers: Viktor Lutze; Adolf Hitler.

Afternoon parade through downtown Nuremberg.

Meeting of political leaders. Speaker: Rudolf Hess.

Monday September 13: Day of the Armed Forces

Review of the army on the ZeppelinwieseSpeaker: Adolf Hitler.

Army maneuvers.

Closing ceremony of the Party Congress.  Speaker: Adolf Hitler.