A Guide to the Annual Nazi Party Congress ("Parteitag") in Nuremberg, 1938

Monday, September 5: Day of Greeting

Reception for the press.

Welcoming reception for Hitler at the City Hall

Tuesday, September 6: Day of the Opening of the Party Congress

Hitler reviews the flags of the Hitler Youth.

Official opening of the Party Congress and reading of Hitler's proclamation by Adolf Wagner.  Speakers: Rudolf Hess; Julius Streicher; Adolf Wagner.

Presentation of the Imperial Crown Jewels to Hitler.

Opening of the exhibition "Kampf in Osten" (The Struggle in the East").  Speaker: Alfred Rosenberg.

Culture meeting and presentation of the National Prizes for Art and Science.  Speakers: Alfred Rosenberg; Adolf Hitler.

Wednesday, September 7: Day of the Reich Labor Service

Review of the Labor Service on the Zeppelinwiese.  Speakers: Konstantin Hierl; Adolf Hitler.

Parade of the Reich Labor Service through downtown Nuremberg.

Continuation of the Party Congress. Speakers: Alfred Rosenberg; Erich Hilgenfeldt; Adolf Wagner.

Thursday, September 8: Day of Fellowship

Athletic Games.

Continuation of the Party Congress.  Speaker: Fritz Todt; Dr. Otto Dietrich.

Torchlight parade of political leaders.

Friday, September 9: Day of the Political Leaders

Continuation of the party congress.  Speaker: Konstantin Hierl; Walter Darré; Max Amann.

Meeting of the National Socialist Women's Association.  Speaker: Gertrude Scholtz-Klink.

Review of political leaders on the Zeppelinwiese.  Speakers: Robert Ley; Adolf Hitler.

Saturday, September 10: Day of the Hitler Youth

Review of the Hitler Youth on the Zeppelinwiese.  Speakers: Rudolf Hess; Adolf Hitler.

Committee meeting of the Reich Labor Front.  Speakers: Robert Ley; Hermann Goering.

Final day of the athletic games.

Continuation of the Party Congress.  Speakers: Robert Ley; Fritz Reinhardt; Joseph Goebbels.

Sunday, September 11: Day of the SA and SS

Mass meeting on the Zeppelinwiese.  Speakers: Viktor Lutze; Adolf Hitler.

Parade through downtown Nuremberg.

Meeting of political leadership.  Speaker: Rudolf Hess.

Monday September 12: Day of the Armed Forces

Review and mass meeting of the Army.  Speaker: Adolf Hitler.

Army maneuvers.

Closing ceremony of the Party Congress.  Speaker: Adolf Hitler.