Alexander Bruen is the founder of the World Future Fund. Born in 1952 he has spent his entire life working in the non-profit world, serving as an executive and a consultant for some of America’s largest non-profit organizations.  A key aspect of his career has been a commitment to try to create bipartisan coalitions bringing together people of different points of view to support needed projects. 

NATIONAL SECURITY Mr. Bruen has served as Newsletter Editor and Library Director of the American Security Council, which created the Coalition for Peace through Strength, whose official Principles of Peace through Strength were formally endorsed by a majority of both Houses of Congress and the President of the United States.  Among other activities he compiled each year the global military balance figures from official sources that were distributed to top leaders and printed up for distribution all over the country.  The ASC Library, which he directed, was one of the largest national security libraries in the nation.  In 1989 the policy of Peace through Strength helped to produce one of the major turning points in world history when the Berlin Wall opened.  On December 25, 1991 the Soviet Union ceased to exist. The work of the ASC has been endorsed by five U.S. Presidents.  For his work at the ASC the Administrative Director stated that “I regard Al Bruen as one of the most capable professionals I have ever met.  He displayed management qualities of the highest order and functions very well as part of a company team.  Al Bruen is worthy of my highest recommendation”.

In the 1980’s he submitted a detailed research report he wrote on Soviet cheating on international agreements to the White House.  The Chairman of the National Security Council for the President of the United States stated that Mr. Bruen's report “will indeed be helpful in formulating and implementing policy decisions."

U.S. INNER CITY POVERTY.   Mr. Bruen has a deep interest in issues of poverty and development, having grown up living right next door to Harlem in New York City.  He has served as a consultant to World Vision, America’s largest privately funded international relief and development organization, helping them develop a strategy for dealing with U.S. inner city problems.  For his work at World Vision, the director of its U.S. anti-poverty division stated that “For organizations needing advice on communications, fund raising and general management consulting, I would give Al Bruen the highest recommendation.”

He has read all the major holy books of the world’s religions and is very interested in seeing how religions can work together for needed goals.  He served as a founding board member of the World Communications Institute, which created Religion Report, America’s leading professional newsletter on religion until it ceased publication in 1992. The founder of World Communications Institute and one of the world’s top religion journalists stated that “Rarely have I met someone as knowledgeable and perceptive about world events as Al Bruen.  He is especially gifted at identifying key trends within a vast array of information and data.”   At the World Future Fund he has supervised grants to groups working in Sudan and Kashmir to  try to bring an end to violence among religious factions.

THE GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL CRISIS.   In the 1990’s Mr. Bruen became increasingly concerned about both the deteriorating global environmental situation and the failure of world leaders to work together to build a sustainable future.  It reminded him of  the declining military balance between America and Russia in the 1970’s, where official Washington simply was not adequately responding to very clear trends that could be carefully documented.

He wrote the five year anniversary cover story for Washington’s D.C.’s Green Calendar, Washington’s leading environmental monthly, concerning a very dangerous bill in Congress that would have severely damaged environmental regulation.  In spite of huge odds against success, the forces of reform were victorious in giving this disastrous bill a well-deserved and permanent defeat.

In that same year, 1995, he founded the World Future Fund.  This web site details the record of achievement here.

Mr. Bruen is very interested in the arts and was an investor in a local rock D.C. music publication.  He has a collection of art books that covers almost every major picture in the history of art as well as key works of architecture and sculpture.  He is an avid  photographer and has sought to integrate the arts into a perspective for global reform.

He has also been very active on a volunteer basis in his community, being elected to serve as Vice President of a local homeowners association and working closely with local police departments to fight crime.  He has a letter of thanks from the Chief of Police of Washington D.C.’s Metro System for his work on fighting crime.


Ruby Bollwahn has been part of the World Future Fund since 2005.   As Vice President, she is responsible for organizing and supervising administrative activities, managing and delegating work to employees and monitoring the organization's finances.   She attends meetings on behalf of the President if he is not available and is the designated successor to the President.   Since joining World Future Fund, Ruby has participated in many important projects over the years.  One of her greatest achievements was her help in expanding our network here in Washington D.C. area and internationally, particularly using the tools of social networking on the internet.  She has made a particular point of reacing out to the artistic community here and abroad.

She supervised a major reorganization of one our organization's crown jewels, the World Future Fund Library.    She helped set up our Signs of the Times program to keep our readers aware of key news events relating to future trends.

Prior to joining the World Future Fund, Ruby had an extensive career in radio broadcasting, working as a producer and announcer with a major local radio station in the Washington D.C. area.  As a result of her background in broadcasting, she came to her job with a good understanding of professional recording hardware and software.  She has helped build up our in house capability to produce lectures and videos for our web site.  She helped launch our World Future Fund You Tube site and has done a great job in studying You Tube to see all the ways by which we can use this medium, including as means of networking with other concerned organizations and people.  She has also helped us set up an in house capability in professional photography..

Outside of work Ruby is very interested in art and music.  She enjoys attending rock concerts and playing the guitar as a hobby.  Her musical tastes include metal, hard rock, and classic rock.  Aside from music, Ruby loves nature and has a huge interest in conservation of the environment.           


Jessica Johnson helps to coordinate a global communications strategy for World Future Fund.  She researches and writes many key articles for our site.  She has been here since 2012.  In today's global digital world many forms of content are coming together online.  Here at the World Future Fund, we are increasing the use of audio and video on our web site and integrating it into what we have online in terms of written reports. Jessica monitors other major organizations and keeps up to date with social networking by monitoring key groups, individuals and trends via Facebook. Part of her presence on Facebook is involved in networking with groups and individuals locally and abroad. A key interest in this department is building a network in Norway, Germany and Ireland.

She also has professional video and audio editing  skills. She has developed  web content that helps show other people on the web how they can showcase their abilities with affordable media technology. This task also involves monitoring the current state of technology and pulling together the different aspects of online media networking. In particular, this can involve showing an activist how to spread their message via the multimedia experience.

Prior to joining the World Future Fund,, she built up communications experience from researching local religious groups in the area as well as with her experience teaching English as a Second Language to adults. Specifically, she did work with local Pagan groups in the Northern Virginia area as part of her Ethnography work as an undergraduate student at George Mason University. She also worked with the media and technology at the University of Central Florida Library. In particular, Jessica is interested in the anthropological roots of world cultures and how the lessons of ancient history relate to today's geopolitical situation.

Jessica also enjoys attending musical concerts in the local area, looking at art, reading novels, exploring nature, and rocking out on guitar. She currently plays on a Jackson and has been playing for about ten years now. She enjoys learning about how to play different styles of music, such as metal, classical guitar, blues and blue grass. Jessica is inspired by art, music and nature and how these things have been explored in the various cultures around the world.